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Compact photo printers (SELPHY)

User manual in Thai (File Size)*

SELPHY CP820 (1.69MB)
SELPHY CP910 (2.19MB)
SELPHY CP1200 (2.18MB)
SELPHY CP1300 (5.61MB)

Compact cameras

User manual in Thai (File Size)*

IXUS 155 / 145 (3.92MB)
IXUS 170 / 165 / 160 (3.21MB)
IXUS 175 (3.94MB)
IXUS 180 (5.05MB)
IXUS 185 (3.72MB)
IXUS 190 (35.4MB)
IXUS 265 HS (4.4MB)
IXUS 275 HS (4.89MB)
IXUS 285 HS (5.52MB)
PowerShot D30 (5.13MB)
PowerShot G1X Mark II (7.53MB)
PowerShot G1X Mark III (10.4MB)
PowerShot G3 X (11.4MB)
PowerShot G5 X (12.7MB)
PowerShot G7 X (11.7MB)
PowerShot G7 X Mark II (7.96MB)
PowerShot G9 X (10.7MB)
PowerShot G9 X Mark II (6.66MB)
PowerShot N2 (5.11MB)
PowerShot N100 (6.23MB)
PowerShot SX400 IS (4.83MB)
PowerShot SX410 IS (5.13MB)
PowerShot SX420 IS (5.18MB)
PowerShot SX430 IS (4.41MB)
PowerShot SX520 HS (6.65MB)
PowerShot SX530 HS (5.13MB)
PowerShot SX540 HS (7.35MB)
PowerShot SX60 HS (9.17MB)
PowerShot SX600 HS (4.41MB)
PowerShot SX610 HS (5.59MB)
PowerShot SX620 HS (4.63MB)
PowerShot SX700 HS (7.35MB)
PowerShot SX710 HS (10.5MB)
PowerShot SX720 HS (7.51MB)
PowerShot SX730 HS (7.00MB)


EOS 1D X MK II (27.9MB)
EOS 1D X MK II (Wired LAN) (3.65MB)
EOS 1200D (7.17MB)
EOS 1300D (27.0MB)
EOS 200D (21.5MB)
EOS 200D (Wireless function) (5.04MB)
EOS 5D MK IV (43.0MB)
EOS 5DS / 5DS R (30.3MB)
EOS 6D MK II (27.7MB)
EOS 7D Mark II (32.3MB)
EOS 77D (36.5MB)
EOS 77D (Wireless function) (6.95MB)
EOS 750D (24.3MB)
EOS 760D (27.0MB)
EOS 80D (25.4MB)
EOS 80D (Wireless function) (3.35MB)
EOS 800D (34.6MB)
EOS 800D (Wireless function) (6.74MB)
EOS 1500D (16.3MB)
EOS 1500D (Wireless function) (3.53MB)
EOS 3000D (15.4MB)
EOS 3000D (Wireless function) (2.95MB)
EOS M3 (8.81MB)
EOS M5 (34.0MB)
EOS M6 (9.26MB)
EOS M10 (7.96MB)
EOS M50 (10.8MB)
EOS M100 (5.79MB)
EOS R (43.4MB)
EOS R (Smartphone) (22.3MB)
EOS R (Supplemental Information) (0.6MB)
EOS R (Instruction Manual) Body (8.1MB)
Cover (0.1MB)
EOS RP (48.2MB)
EOS RP (Smartphone) (22.3MB)
EOS RP (Supplemental Information) (0.7MB)

For English version of the user manual, please visit here.