Last Updated : 27-Aug-2007
Issue Number : 8000268304
Category : Printer installation and operation
Description : How to perform CD-R printing
How to adjust Print Saturation when using CD-LabelPrint (Windows)
The following procedures describe how to adjust the print saturation when using CD-LabelPrint.
1. Start CD-LabelPrint.
2. Click Print.
Note: In the Paper Selection dialog box, select CD Label Print in the Print Genre section. If CD Label Print is not selected, adjustment of the print saturation is not possible.
3. In the Saturation section in the Print CD Labels dialog box, select either Dark or Light.
After confirming the selection, click Print.
Note: If Dark is selected, phenomena such as ink requiring substantial drying time and ink blurring may occur.
4. Printing launches.
5. Procedures for adjusting the print saturation are completed.

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